Kids Bedtime Stories

Top 5 Kids Bedtime Stories 2022


Kids Bedtime Stories


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Kids Bedtime Stories


Kids Bedtime Stories


Story – The Price of the Bell

Ramdas was the son of a cowherd. Every morning he would take his cows to the forest for grazing. A bell was tied around the neck of each cow. The cow which was most beautiful had a bell tied around its neck even more precious.

One day a stranger was passing through the forest. Seeing that cow he came to Ramdas, “This bell is very sweet! What is its price?” “Twenty rupees,” Ramdas replied. “Just twenty rupees! I can give you forty rupees for this bell.'”

Hearing this, Ramdas was pleased. He immediately took off the bell and handed it over to the stranger and kept the money in his pocket. Now there was no bell around the cow’s neck.

He was aware of the sound of the bell. So now it became difficult for Ramdas to guess where the cow is grazing at this time. When the cow came out while grazing, the stranger got a chance. He took the cow with him and went away.

Then Ramdas saw her. He reached home crying and narrated the whole incident to his father. He said, “I had no idea that the stranger would cheat me by giving me so much money for the bell.”

The father said, “The pleasure of cheating is very dangerous. First, he gives us happiness, then sorrow. So we should not take pleasure in it in advance.”

Moral of Kids Story – Greed never gives happiness.

Story – True Service

There was a cat. He was very fond of hen’s children. She used to eat two or four children every day after searching from somewhere or the other. One day he got to know that a hen was sick.

She came to the hen’s court expressing sympathy and said, “Say sister, how are you? Can I be of some help to you in your condition? It is also my duty to serve you.”

The sick hen thought for a moment. Then she said, “If you really want to serve me, then stay away from my family – and ask your tribe to do the same.”

Moral of Kids Story – Don’t trust the good wishes of the enemy.


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Story – Thirst For Knowledge

In those days Mahadev Govind Ranade was a judge of the High Court. He had a great passion for learning languages. Because of this hobby, he had learned many languages; But he had not yet learned the Bengali language.

At last, he came up with a solution. He started shaving from a Bengali barber. For as long as the barber used to shave them, he would continue to learn the Bengali language from him.

Ranade’s wife felt bad about it. She told her husband, “You learn the language from a barber as a High Court judge! If someone sees, what will be the respect? If you have to learn Bengali then learn from a scholar.

Ranade replied with a laugh, “I am thirsty for knowledge. What do I have to do with caste? Hearing this answer, the wife did not say anything again.

Moral of Kids Story – Knowledge does not remain locked in any high and low box.


Story – Cuckoo

One summer morning, close friends Totaram and Kallu went to a forest. Suddenly they heard the cuckoo’s cuckoo. “It is the sound of a bird that informs of some auspiciousness.”

The superstitious Totaram said, “I have heard its voice early in the morning. I believe that today will be a very lucky day. Surely I will get a bag full of money.”

“No!” Kallu countered Totaram, who was even more paranoid, “You are not more fortunate than me. I believe this voice will prove to be more fortunate for me.

You see, I will definitely get a lot of money.” Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, they both started fighting over this issue. Tu-Tu, II-I got into a scuffle.

He was badly injured in no time. Both went to the doctor. The doctor asked him that 1. How did he finally reach this position? After narrating the whole incident, both of them asked the doctor,

“You tell who the cuckoo had reported being lucky?” The doctor laughed and said, “The cuckoo had informed me that I was lucky. If both of you keep fighting and breaking hands and legs like this, then I will keep getting heaps of money in lieu of your treatment.

Moral of Kids Story – Only others benefit from useless quarrels.


Story – Poor Widow

Widow Kamala Devi with her two daughters was spending her days in great poverty. Whatever deposits and capital he had till now, all had been spent. On this his only source of income, his cow also died. She was very upset. What to do after all?

“There is only one way if God gives us a cow from somewhere.” “Work with faith and courage, God will surely help you.” His neighbor told him. “But what shall we do?” Kamala Devi said filled with despair.

“You increase your income. You all know embroidery and knitting very well. Do this work extra for three-four hours every day, so that some upper income can be made. submit it.

The second thing is to reduce the cost of your tea. Make porridge every morning and drink its water, which will be healthy and also full of savings. In this way soon money will be collected to buy another cow.”

Kamala Devi and her daughters started working as per the suggestion of their neighbor. At the end of the year, he had enough money to buy a good cow.

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Moral of Kids Story – Hard work, saving, and understanding are the second gods for man.


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