How To Calculate Insurance Premium For New Car?

How Does Car Insurance Work For New Drivers? ( Code 0100 )


How Does Car Insurance Work For New Drivers?

How Does Car Insurance Work For New Drivers?

A lot of individuals eagerly await the day they can drive. It’s a major accomplishment, and you’ll get to drive your own car and experience the freedom of the open roads for the first time. However, you must remember that in order to drive a car legally in India, you must have at least a third party car insurance. In the absence of this cover, you may attract a penalty of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

What Are The Things That A New Driver Should Know About Car Insurance?

Following are the things that a new driver should know about car insurance –

  • Looking Up An Insurance Policy Number Using A Vehicle Number – Knowing what kind of insurance you have is the first step in locating the insurance policy number. Typically, your company or an agent will provide you with a life insurance policy if you don’t already have one. Obtaining a copy of your insurance and reviewing all of the details on it come next. You can see here the firm issued your insurance and whether it was for a personal, family, or commercial plan. If they are not mentioned on the back of your policy or do not offer an online form for this information, the final step in locating your insurance policy number is calling them personally.
  • Checking The Car Insurance Online – The Parivahan website or the mParivahan app, both of which are accessible on the Play Store, allow users to check the expiration date of their auto insurance. The information of insurance would be presented on the app after inputting the vehicle number. The software allows users to examine the start and end dates of their vehicle insurance policies and renew them accordingly. As an alternative, you may check the expiration date of your auto insurance online at the insurance provider’s website or by phoning their toll-free number. Online auto insurance rates are available at Car Insurance, which hosts nearly all of the top general insurance providers. After comparing the estimates from several insurance providers, the best auto insurance may be chosen. The online platform, which has a specialised staff of agents to help the consumer with their vehicle insurance, also allows for the renewal of auto insurance.
  • Checking The Status Of A Vehicle Insurance Policy Online – To verify the status of a vehicle insurance policy, get in touch with the intermediary from whom the policy was purchased, or use the mParivahan app, which shows the start and end dates of the insurance policy. If you can recall the broker from whom you purchased the policy, you may speak with them about its status. If, however, you purchased the policy from PolicyBachat, you can call our customer service line to find out the status of your insurance policy or check vehicle insurance online.
  • Making An Online Payment For Auto Insurance – Go to the website and fill out the form there with the necessary information, such as the vehicle’s registration number, engine number, policy number, owner information, address, nominee information, etc., before you can pay your auto insurance online. And then pay for your auto insurance online.


In summary, for each driver, a different vehicle insurance provider will be the ideal choice. For many inexperienced drivers, the ideal auto insurance provider is the one providing the best protection at the most affordable rate. Others might find that the business with the most discounts is one that provides auto insurance.

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