Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2023 Images || Happy New Year 2023 Wishes


Happy New Year 2023 Images || Happy New Year 2023 Wishes

Hello everyone, you are warmly welcome to our website All Latest Images. First, we wish you a Wonderful & Happy New Year 2023 to you & your family. Welcome Happy New Year 2023 Images can be found on our website.

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Today here in this post, we have provided the amazing collection of Happy New Year 2023, Happy New Year 2023 Images, 2023 Happy New Year, Happy New Year 2023 Wishes.


Happy New Year 2023 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images

Happy New Year 2022 Images


Happy New Year 2023 Wishes


On this auspicious occasion of New Year, we have brought for you a great collection of best wishes and Shayari. With the help of which you can wish your loved ones a lot of new year greetings and celebrate the new year with joy. Hope this new year will be happy for you and your life will be filled with happiness. Happy New Year Wishes 2023


Happy New Year 2023 Wishes


comes every year
goes every year;
May you get all that in this new year;
whatever your heart desires.
Happy New Year

The mood of fun has brought new happiness,
The wonder of a pleasant dream has brought a new one,
giving more air to the desires of the heart
This year is new for you.
happy new year

Stole the fragrance from the branch of the flowers,
Stole the Ghungroo from the feet of Gagan,
Today the new year has come with trembling steps
Who has stolen happiness for you?
happy new year

Let the heartbeat of the heartbeat louder,
Those who slept are the desire, now let it a flare-up
Get up and see the new year has come with joy
Feed flowers to your desires, let them smell.
happy new year

Flowers will bloom, beauty will be seen in Gulshan,
The sour and sweet memories of the past year will remain with you,
Let’s celebrate together New Year’s laughter with joy,
The first morning of the new year will bring innumerable happiness.
Best wishes for a happy New Year

day before night
the moon before the stars
before the heartbeats
and you first
happy new year

Until I see you
My heart will not agree
Without you, in my life,
I will not even think about the new year.
Happy New Year

Fish is called in English as Fish
We bring you up, Miss
Before us no one else wishes
so first you
Wishing from the heart…
Happy New Year

Something like this will start the new year
I will be with everyone
There will be no talk of sorrow again because
There will be a rain of happiness in the new year.
Best wishes for a happy New Year

Love for everyone in everyone’s heart,
May every day come to bring a festival of happiness,
Come with this hope, forget all the sorrow
Let us all welcome the New Year.
Wish you a very very Happy New Year

Gul has sent Gulfam from Gulshan,
The stars have sent salutes from the sky,
happy new year to you,
We have sent this message from the heart.
happy new year

Our heartfelt prayer
May you get all the happiness in life,
God never give you sorrow
If you want, one can reduce our happiness.
Happy New Year to you

Happy new year to you!
Shine like you are the month of Phagun!!
Don’t let autumn come into your life!
This is my wish friend!!
happy new year

Always stay away from the shadows of sorrow,
Never face loneliness,
May every wish be fulfilled by you,
This is the prayer from the depths of my heart.
Happy New Year.

May there be a rain of happiness in this new year
May there be days of love and nights full of love,
Enmities, hatreds are erased forever,
Wish this in everyone’s heart.
Happy New Year


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Disappointment is far away from you,
May success and happiness be plentiful,
May all your hopes are fulfilled,
Many best wishes for the coming new year.
happy new year

May your happiness get four moons,
Come back to your lost year
Let’s make a new beginning together,
Heartily wish you all a Happy New Year.
Happy New Year

This flower, this fragrance, this spring!
You got all these gifts !!
The moon and stars of the sky!
Do you make up with all these !!
You are happy to stay settled……
Such a shower of happiness!
We have thousands of such prayers!!
May your arm be short!
You got so much love in life!!
Happy New Year…

May the new year come as light,
open the lock of your luck
always be kind to you
This is the prayer of your loved one
happy new year

thought talk to yourself
miss you, someone
The decision was taken to wish Happy New Year
The heart said why not start with you.
happy new year

Every new year will come,
Every old year will pass,
But this friend of yours to you,
I will never be able to forget
Best wishes for a happy New Year

Looks like your shadow in the raindrops,
Sounds like a clarinet resonating in the ears,
If you are, then you feel selfish,
Otherwise, the breath in the chest also feels like a foreigner.
Happy new year to you

Don’t let the tears of happiness stop,
Don’t let the tears of sorrow flow,
Don’t know when this life will stop
But never let this lovely relationship break.
Happy New Year

May your home be full of happiness this year,
There is no dearth of wealth, you may become rich,
Keep smiling, keep smiling, be it everyone’s condition,
Wishing you a very happy new year.
happy new year

We live in your heart
You bear all the pain,
Let no one wish you before us,
That’s why first of all say Happy New Year.
Happy New Year

The new year has brought the chimes of golden dreams,
The new year has brought priceless gifts of happiness,
The new year has been brought by scattering flowers in your path,
The new year has brought the fragrance of the fragrant springs!
Happy New Year

Fly all tear from wherever you go
everyone should consider you as their dear
May every path of yours be always clear…
And God gives you a Happy New Year!!
happy New Year.

Whatever dreams are adorned in your eyes,
And whatever desires are hidden in the heart,
May this new year make them come true,
This is our best wishes for you.
Happy New Year

Keep this relationship like this,
Keep the lamp of memories lit in the heart,
Have a lovely journey in 2021…
Just keep doing the same in 2023 as well.
Happy New Year.


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