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Get A Stylish And Glamorous Look With These 5 Fashion Tips


To look stylish, women keep more than one dress in their wardrobe, but sometimes women are not satisfied with their collection even after having new pattern dresses. To get a glamorous and fashionable look, you can make your look different by experimenting with dresses in many ways. Let us know about such 5 easy tips related to dressing-

1.  Experiment with Belts If a belted dress is worn instead of the normal dress, then it can bring variation in it. Apart from the regular jeans and T-shirt look, it can also be paired with casual dresses in different ways. Knotted belts can also be tried instead of regular belts. This also adds to the beauty of the dress.

2. boyfriend jeans will give a stylish look If you want a casual look for yourself then you can try boyfriend jeans. You can pair boyfriend jeans with an asymmetrical top and wear a braided belt with it. If such jeans are slightly above the ankle, then it looks more beautiful.

3. Pairing the dress with denim If you like regular dressing more and do not have time to dress glamorously, then you can pair denim with an Indian dress. You can pair a denim jacket with a slit Kurti, Long Kurti, or any other patterned Kurti. Denim jackets also give a smart look on T-shirts and jeans.

4. Palazzo Pants give a smart look – If you want a stylish look with comfortable dressing then you can pair palazzo pants with your western top or Indian Kurti. Whether it is going shopping or hanging out with friends or office meetings, Palazzo Pants can be worn comfortably everywhere.

5. Dhoti Pants will get a new look If you want to try something new apart from a salwar suit, sari, then you can try dhoti pants. Instead of Patiala salwar, churidar, and palazzo, dhoti pants give you a very trendy look along with making the look different.


These Clothes Should Be In Every Girl’s Wardrobe


Even though you have a lot of fashionable clothes, but still you do not know what to wear today while getting ready every day. Today we will give you some such tips that will remove the trouble of choosing your everyday clothes. For this, you just have to show a little smartness and add some special clothes to your wardrobe. These are some of the clothes that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

dark blue and black jeans – Every girl must have dark blue and black jeans in her wardrobe as it never gets outdated. You can wear it by matching it with any t-shirt, shirt or Kurti. Let us tell you that these days boot-cut jeans are once again in trend. Avoid narrow-fit jeans this year.

black leggings – You must also keep black leggings in your wardrobe because you can wear them with Kurti, a long top, a long t-shirt, and a skirt top. It is very comfortable, due to which you can wear it while traveling or even during a walk. If you are thinking of wearing it, then take special care of one thing that wears it with a hip covering the top.

white shirt – People often get bored with the same look. Because of which he starts ignoring those clothes. So for this, you must include a white shirt in your wardrobe. You can adopt a different look by wearing it with different bottom wear. You can pair a white shirt with pants, jeans, a palazzo, and a skirt.

denim jacket – Denim jackets are never out of fashion. A denim jacket is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. You can also carry it with a regular t-shirt, plain top, maxi dress, and short dress. It gives you a perfect, casual, and smart look.

blazer – You may find it boring to hear, but whenever you have to go somewhere formal, it will give you a very elegant look. How can you carry it, but keep in mind that your blazer should fit perfectly?


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