5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Virginia Beach ( 5012 )


5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Virginia Beach


Joe Miller Law, Ltd.

Joe Miller Law, Ltd. provides workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation for clients in Virginia and North Carolina, and they understand that you may not know what to do next. good news: Calls to attorney Joe Miller are free. At least they can rest easy knowing he’s taken positive steps to protect themselves and their family.

The Virginia Beach law firm of Joe Miller Law Firm represents victims of automobile accidents, families of victims of wrongful deaths, and injured workers throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia, and North Carolina.


Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Premises Liability, & More


Address: 5500 Greenwich Rd Suite B, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 455-8889
Website: www.joemillerinjurylaw.com


“The staff at Joe Miller law firm are awesome. They are professional and caring people who work very hard for their clients. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.” – Dianne P.

The Joel Bieber Firm

The Joel Bieber Firm takes pride in the excellent and active legal representation it provides to its clients. Whether it’s a small claims court or a multi-million dollar lawsuit, their personal injury attorneys are dedicated to your case and strive to get you the best possible outcome. Part of their duty is to counsel and advise you based on their experience both in and out of court. The world has changed and people are no longer responsible for their actions that result in harm to others.

They either blame others or simply deny the truth. This is happening in individuals and, as we know it today, in large corporations as well. If you believe you’ve made a personal injury claim, insurance companies and businesses have the resources and attorneys to make your life difficult, even if the client is responsible. Some believe they can bully, delay, mislead, or block you. Your rights are protected by the Joel Bieber Law Office.


Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, & More


Address: 272 Bendix Rd Suite 350, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: (757) 982-8627
Website: www.joelbieber.com


“Very thorough, always answered all my questions in a timely manner. I dealt with the Virginia Beach office and Darcy was amazing. We emailed back-and-forth she let me know absolutely everything when it was happening and how it was happening. Thoroughly satisfied with the customer service I got from this law firm.” – Ashley L.

Monge & Associates

Monge & Associates, their leading personal injury and auto accident attorney has been serving injury victims nationwide since 1993. Their team of 200 people is here to help you recover from any kind of injury caused by the negligence of others, no matter how big or small your case is.

Creation of Monge & Associates attorney, Scott Monge, is passionate about personal injury law. He makes it his life’s goal to generate extraordinary profits for claimants competing against major insurance companies.


Personal Injury, Car Crashes, Motorcycle Accidents, & More


Address: 397 Little Neck Rd 3300 Building, Suite 215, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: (757) 578-8818
Website: www.becauseyouwanttowin.com


“Great firm and place to work at. What company you know sends you a book personalized and written by CEO all about showing his gratitude to his team and his clients?” – Janice F.

Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp is a personal injury law firm that specializes in serving the Virginia and North Carolina communities. As a law firm, they are enthusiastic about helping their injured clients obtain maximum compensation and are committed to excellence, diversity, inclusion, and equal rights for all. Their clients are usually down after a serious accident and are suffering financially, physically, and mentally.

They are proud to stand up for the downtrodden and injured and get the financial compensation they deserve. Since 1985, attorneys associated with Shapiro, Washburn, and Sharp have been dedicated to helping people when they need it most. We are proud to stand up for those who have been trampled or injured and to receive the financial compensation they deserve.


Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Brain Injuries, & More


Address: 4705 Columbus St Suite 304, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 460-7776
Website: www.hsinjurylaw.com


“I’ve worked with Kevin and know that he is a great attorney who works hard for his clients. He is personable and is able to get great results.” – Anita M.

Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward PC

Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward PC is a full-service law firm serving residents, families, and businesses in the Virginia Beach area for over 30 years. They are here to answer all your questions so you can feel confident about how to proceed with your case. They hope that when you leave their office, they want you to feel confident that your case is well managed.

They sit down with you to assess your needs and develop a coordinated plan to address any legal issues you may be facing. From personal injury to criminal defense to business and real estate law, their attorneys have the skills and resources to assist you.


Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Car Accidents, & More


Address: 317 30th Half St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: (757) 671-6000
Website: www.srgslaw.com


“Profesional Helpful and great people. If you need help this is the place.” – John M.

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